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Every Company deserve to to be online

Get your bussiness accessible online from Only 40,000 RWF / YEAR.  Hosting, domain name, SSL included


During this pandemic small and medium sized businesses were strongly impacted by the lockdown measures implemented to prevents the spread of COVID-19 in Rwanda. during those time business were unable to deliver their services to clients and and clients were unable to find which businesses are offering the servicers they are looking. Rwandan goverment encouraged rwandan businesses to use technology for provinding services and accepting payment to their clients. this was very challenging to small and medium sized businesses to use technology to sell their services since to own that technlogy services is very it's very costly.


With partnership with we are helping small and medium sized businesses
to increase their sales by reaching more clients countrywide via internet


Helping bussines to be online

Helping business to be globaly accessed 24 hours a day.


Improved client service through greater flexibility

Supporting clients over internets


To be Professionalism


RWF 40,000 /YEAR
  • Landing page
  • About Page
  • Products/Services Page
  • Contact us Page
  • 5 Email accounts

  • Domain Name (.rw, .com .net .org)

  • Hosting

  • SSL Security

  • Google Map and  Social media integration

Question and Answers

As a business, you must grab all opportunities that can profit you. Your online presence as a business can actually help your business reach out and connect with its audience at a global level. Because all those places where your physical store can’t reach, your online website can.

Yes, you don't need to pay extra amounts. all charges are included in this prices.
hosting, domain name,  and ssl security

After providing all data, It's only take 3 days for your business to be access online. 

We provide .rw .com .net and .org  in this campain

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